About us


Wind Energy Development Fund (WEDF) is a 50/50 owned investment partnership formed by FORTUM and  RUSNANO to invest in wind power in Russia. The partners collectively intend to invest 30 billion rubles in wind power farm construction projects in Russia. Wind Power Asset Management LLC, a company owned by FORTUM and  RUSNANO on a parity basis, manages the activities of the Fund. The total capacity of the Fund`s wind projects portfolio formed following the competitive selection of renewable poervgeneration projects is around 2 GW. Wind farms are to be commissioned in 2019-2023.

Fund structure

1 LP – Limited Partner - investor
2 GP - General Partner for the Wind Energy Development Fund (Wind Power Asset Management LLC:
50% - FORTUM and  50% - RUSNANO)


Portfolio companies

 WEDF Wind Farms LLC 
ИНН 7840320023   ОГРН 5177746260577  
Main type of activity 
68.32 Property Management on a fee or contract basis

  1. WEDF First Wind Farms LLC
ИНН 7703438009   ОГРН 5177746260577  
Main type of activity
35.11 Power generation

  1. WEDF Second Wind Farms LLC
ИНН 7703445912 ОГРН 1187746333422
Main type of activity
35.11 Power generation

  1. WEDF Third Wind Farms LLC
ИНН 7703466447 ОГРН 1187746886535
Main type of activity 
35.11 Power generation